Let us personalize your home,
cottage or renovation
to suit your lifestyle.

At Stoney Lake Design & Planning we understand that everyone’s lifestyle is unique, and that your home should accommodate your needs. Whether it’s having your master bedroom, ensuite and laundry on the main floor, enough bedrooms to accommodate your family, entertaining with friends or just a beautiful and calm retreat for you and your partner.

We understand that apart from a well-designed living space there are also budget requirements, which we adhere to through each step of the design.

Whatever your lifestyle or budget, we work with you to design the perfect space for all of your family’s needs.


Apart from the design of the home, our approach is unique in that we offer a full range of pre-building services to get you from concept to ready to build. We will complete a property assessment, review of municipal regulations, a site plan, survey, a building permit, etc.

Call us so we can help you design and plan your dream.